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About F+C

Hey, I’m Caroline. I currently work full time as a graphic designer for a fashion retailer in LA, and I also run the style and beauty blog The Freckled Life.


I started this shop because of a few factors: I was unemployed (officially employed again, though – yay!); craving another creative outlet; and I just really LOVED the idea of a mask chain. And now we create so much more!


My hope is that each F+C piece inspires everyone who wears it to feel cool, confident, and polished. Thank you for shopping small with Freckle + Chain, every time we get an order I do a happy dance!


Handmade in
Los Angeles

With humble beginnings starting out in my parent's guest room of their DC townhouse, we've since made the cross country move and now are proudly based out of sunny Los Angeles, California!

Our Commitment
to Sustainability

Freckle + Chain is committed to a sustainable future and is actively working to improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the earth and our local community. Head to our Sustainability page to learn more about some of the efforts we are taking to ensure our products, packaging, and shipping have a low impact on the climate.

Paper Packaging
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